Fire alarm systems

We provides a complete solution for fire detection, protection and prevention in accordance international standards of NFPA, EN-54 and local fire authorities. We have over the years established our reputation by offering quality products and services in Fire Detection. Design and installation of early warning solutions for small and large applications, from stand-alone fire alarm systems to complete systems for large-scale on- or off-shore applications. We offer our clients fire alarm systems that are designed to provide total protection to people and property against fire and risks of fire. As part of fire alarm, we also provide aspiration smoke detection system and linear heat detection system solutions.


Feelsef products and System are designed and selected to serve live safely and properties. Together with our research and development team and Partners, we are providing advance Technologies and Quality products to meet Market Requirement.

FeelSef Range of Products

  • Conventional detection
      • SafeLine control panel
      • Iris-detectors and accessories
  • Addressable analogue detection
      • SafeLight control panels
      • SafeLoop control panels
    1. • Enea-detectors and accessories
    1. • Argus-detectors and accessories
    1. • Apollo- detectors and accessories
  • Wireless detection
      • Sagittarius by Argus
      • Expander by Apollo
  • Beam smoke detector
  • Adaptors for duct applications
  • Gas detection
  • Aspiration systems
  • ATEX and I.S. Apparatus
  • Linear heat detectors
  • Audible/Visual signalling devices
  • Accessory items for fire extinction
  • Electromagnetic stops and accessories
  • Power stations and modules