SafeLook is a software package for the centralized supervision and management of FeelSef’s fi re detection and intrusion control systems. It off ers a vast application spectrum. Its modularity makes it ideal for industrial, commercial and even small residential applications. A typical application is the centralized supervision of several installations located in diff erent buildings or even diff erent places. Other classic applications are hotel receptions, congress centres, shopping malls and all places where the constant supervision of a fi re/security system requires operators to provide prompt response to alarm events. Its fl exibility allows it to supervise analogue addressable control panels from the SafeLoop series, and conventional panels from the SafeLine series. The true potential of SafeLook can be seen when it is applied to the management of data coming from installations which are geographically apart from each other thus centralizing the management of a distributed system in a single workstation. The SafeLook software, thanks to its user-friendly interface, also plays an important role in home automation when it is applied to the management of a SafeLiving intrusion-control panel. The latter can be managed in the same installation as fire detection panels from the SafeLoop and SafeLine series.

The SafeLook supervisory software uses graphic maps connected together in a ‘tree’ structure. Each map accepts an arbitrary number of objects. The objects can be supervised elements (detectors, partitions, zones, outputs, etc.), a connection to another map, a connection to a web page (VCR web interface) or a command button with access level control. The operator can interact with the system in real-time. In this way, it is possible to control the status of the inputs, activate the outputs and implement operations such as: arm, disarm, bypass, output activation, etc. The SafeLook software integrates video capabilities and consents to the incorporation of cameras and DVRs with IP network web interfaces.

The SafeLook software is capable of importing the system confi guration by reading it directly on the control panel, or importing it from the database of the SafeLeague software thus reducing programming time considerably. The system provides uncomplicated self-diagnosis functions which allow the operator to verify the status of communication between the software and control panels. It is also capable of managing diff erent access levels. The SafeLook software comprises two separate applications. One which allows the installer to confi gure the system and the other, dedicated to the user, which provides all the necessary supervisory functions. SafeLook Supervisory software